Patient Management Website with WordPress

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November 30, 2012
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April 14, 2013

Patient Management Website with WordPress

Here I am telling you how to setup a patient management system with WordPress or how to manage your patient records online. If you are a doctor or if your client is a doctor, it is a fantastic way to manage patients online which can be accessed anywhere on the go.

Data management is very costly and if you ask a developer to create a patient record website, they would charge more than $1000 at least. But with WordPress, you can finish this work in $130 to $200.


  • WordPress (free)
  • Formidable Pro plugin
  • Web Hosting (HostGator recommended)

First buy web hosting and Install WordPress with auto script installer within a few seconds.

Now install formidable pro and enter your Formidable Pro login detail in the plugin panel (with $45 license you will be able to install formidable pro on the only single website, so I will recommend you to buy an unlimited site license which costs $120 but worth a lot ).

It is a piece of cake to use Formidable Pro and you can create unlimited forms with it. But here you need to create only a single form as “ Patient Record Form”

Go to Forms and create a form with name “Patient Records”
















Now you can add as many fields according to your requirement such as;

Format of a Sample Patient Record Form

Name-                                             Age-

Sex-                                                  Weight-




Pathology Report-

X-Ray-                                             Ultrasound-

MRI-                                                 CT Scan

Visit[ First time] [Second time] [Third time] +++ more (if the patient comes first time, you can edit this value when the patient will come second time etc.)

Patient signature

Prescribed medicines [Oral]-

Prescribed medicines [Injection]-

Check out sample created Patient Record Form

You can easily generate the above given form. You can add entries to this form from frontend or admin backend. You can edit any record anytime. It is very helpful in updating patient information when they visit multiple time.

Read More about Formidable Pro

 If you need my assistance, I can install WordPress and Formidable Pro ( purchased by you ) and can create your defined custom form in only $20. I again want to remind you that it is very much easy to create a record form and managing data with plugin option panel.

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  1. Can you print out the form as well?

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    • admin says:

      Yes. Off course.

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