Wordpress Plugin to set up School Management

WordPress Plugin to Create a Searchable Database
July 20, 2014

WordPress Plugin to set up School Management

In the course of time there has been a big demand of online data management. And there are many educational organizations putting their data online. It is far easy to manage data with an online software that search and display it within milliseconds.

Who will not want to manage thousands of students of his organization in a place, where it would be damn easy to pick data of any student with single mouse click. Of Course every smart human want it.  And that is why many educational institutes are getting online with data of their students.

Is there any way to manage student data online with WordPress

Managing student data is possible if we have great WordPress plugins that allow admin and Editors to add,edit,search and display student information on WordPress frontend.

We need;

  • a form to add student information
  • a search form to filter and display student based on Name / Year of Admission / Enrollment number / or any other parameter
  • to update student data
  • to delete any student
  • to take attendance online
  • to manage library books online
  • track student fees detail
  • send notifications (Email or SMS) to Students or Guardians

All you need to  place and order with us and we will get back to you with our service shortly. We install several plugins to your WordPress and convert it to a school management system. After completing customization you can use it out of the box or you can make any change in customization according to your needs. There is no coding required and you can do everything via plugin control panel.

What our service includes

  • 4+  plugins are involved in customization
  • Advanced customization of the plugin to work as a school management system
  • Dedicated technical support
  • Lifetime updates

Features of School Management

  • Add student to database
  • Create custom fields for students
  • Edit student data from frontend
  • Search and display student data using an advanced search form ( using Name, Roll Number, Date of Birth etc )
  • Publish Exam results of student and allows students to see their result online using their roll.  number etc
  • Control all settings via plugin dashboard and no coding required
  • Ask us to make any changes in customization for one month
  • Track fees detail ( if it is paid or unpaid for selected month )
  • Library module customization
  • Attendance register customization
  • Send notifications to guardian and students email or phone number ( optional )
  • Assign different role to different users to manage student data
  • Create advanced frontend forms for any kind of needs

Note - This customization is done using Formidable Pro Plugin. So you can also consider buying Formidable Pro



( username – demo, password- demo)

Get this Customization free if you buy plugin using my affiliate link. After purchasing the plugin ,contact me  with your order ID and I will send you download link of this advanced customization

 Many PHP softwares are out there like Fedena. Fedena is so much costly ( $900 + $400 per year ). You can do it using WordPress and can take 100% control over it, with us. Avoid buying costly PHP scripts and try our cheapest service. We will give you total control and there will be nothing hidden.

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WordPress Plugin to set up School Management, 8.8 out of 10 based on 10 ratings


  1. Jawaria Hameed says:

    Hey. I was trying to install fedena for the past one moth almost but it hasn’t worked and I have to submit my project on friday. It sounds really good for me. I have installed the plug in. Can you please help me with the rest of the steps i.e. the form creation etc because I don’t get it.

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  2. I love this so much! Please, is it possible to create generate password for the student to use for their result-checking? I would love to know if it’s possible or what it takes because that is one of the feature (plus the ones listed above) School Admins in Nigeria are looking for to reduce hard copy print-out of result/report cards by the school. You can mail me [at] barniwebs@gmail.com.

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  3. Protech Online says:

    How do I start this…

    I want to do a school management system website using wordpress.

    Thank you.

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  4. Rashid says:

    HI, do you have any module for school library.

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    • Shariq says:

      Yes. We have a perfectly working module for the school library. :-)

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